The Problem

In 2018, there were over 25,000 violent crimes (including murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault) reported in Los Angeles. Such high levels of violence, create a huge stress on public health and public safety.

Transform LA

In partnership with the GRYD Foundation, the Cities4Peace initiative has designed a unique leadership training program to build the capacity of local community members to promote nonviolence in Los Angeles. We intend to scale up the impact of the work done during April – Oct 2019 where we trained and certified nearly 75 community members from various backgrounds as Ambassadors of Nonviolence. For more info on the work done click here

Our work will enable greater:

Vision 2020 Deepen the Impact

Phase 1 | Jan-March 2020

Nonviolence Ambassador Certification Training

  • Special leadership training for 100 stakeholders (by invitation only) from across 32 Summer Night Lights (SNL) communities of Los Angeles
  • 8 weeks of intense training to build capacity for promoting nonviolence using meditation techniques.  Total training: 40 hours

Phase 2 | April – June 2020

Nonviolence Ambassador in Action

  • The certified Ambassadors of Nonviolence will work on the field and conduct sessions on nonviolence in their community e.g. in schools, etc.
  • Goal: 5,000 participants in the LA community will be trained in nonviolence and meditation by our certified Nonviolence Ambassadors

Phase 3 | June 21, 2020

Nonviolence Summit
Los Angeles

    • Organized by our Ambassadors of Nonviolence, the Summit will focus on novel solutions to promote peace and nonviolence in LA

    This is a special ‘by invite’ only leadership training program. Interested participants will need to commit to attending all sessions of the training program. To apply, please submit your application.

    Testimonials of Past Participants

    “We carry a heavy load when we do community intervention work …and the breathing and meditation tools have helped to lighten that load 100%”

    In the workshop, I interacted with law enforcement in a way that I would not have done normally. This allowed me to see them as human beings.”

    Impact of Our Pilot Program

    George Mason University School of Conflict Analysis & Resolution undertook an independent research evaluation of our pilot program in Los Angeles attended by nearly 75 participants in Los Angeles. Here is a brief summary of the impact that our program had on participants:
    • Deepened understanding of and commitment towards nonviolence
    • Learned profound tool-kit of meditation techniques and wisdom for enabling transformation on a daily basis.
    • Improved leadership capacity to promote compassion and nonviolence within the community
    • Increased Energy and Happiness 82% 82%
    • Ability To Stay Focussed 91% 91%
    • Enhanced Clarity of Mind 96% 96%
    • Remaining Calm in Challenging Situations 91% 91%
    • Ease of Social Connection 87% 87%
    • Increased Effectiveness in both Personal & Professional Life 84% 84%

    Join hands… Let us leave a legacy

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    Help us tell the story (Media /PR / Communications)

    Apply your skills/ resources to support the learning expedition

    Financial or in-kind donations to support the endeavor