Salvador, Brazil

The Problem

In Brazil, the daily life of a police officer is intensely demanding and can cause significant negative impacts on health and wellbeing including disrupted sleep patterns, a sense of emotional imbalance in both personal and professional interactions and relationships. A lack of attention on mental health and wellbeing can lead officers to the excessive use of force, abuse of authority, relationshp issues, and leads to alcohol and drug abuse, depression, and suicide.

In the culture of police, addressing mental health issues is stigmatized. Most officers don’t want to admit this to themselves or their fellow officers from fear of losing their jobs. There is no official public data on the cost of mental health in police departments. But just in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, around 2,500 police officers were removed from work for mental disorders between January and August (2018)

The Solution

For addressing the mental health issues among police officers The SKY® Mindful Leadership workshops were conducted since 2016 in Brazil. This innovative leadership development program focused on providing breathing and meditation techniques to overcome stress and interactive processes to develop human values.

Media Coverage and Impact

Military officers make course to fight stress” – News coverage about the Unit Models (June, 2019)

More than 2,000 police officers have participated in the SKY MIndful Leadership program that has empowered them to cope with occupational stress, manage emotions, and maintain a better quality of life.

Participants have reported a calmer and centered state of mind, greater mental focus, energy and improved sleep patterns as a result.


“A technique that focuses on care. Care with the self and with society. When the police change their way of acting, society will see police officers more centered and calm.”

Coronel Anselmo Brandão
Comandante Geral da PMBA

“I had the opportunity to take the breathing course and it was a unique opportunity for self-awareness and emotional maturation. Most striking is hearing the feedback from our colleagues and knowing how much life has been changed and improved. .”

TENENT Mesquita 50a CIPM

“After we started the program in the 50a Unit, we were able to see a significant decrease in deaths during police intervention. We also saw an increase in the number of officers handling stress better using the breath techniques.”

MAJOR Malvar 50a CIPM – Commander

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