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‘Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.’

Cities4Peace - a unique peace consultancy

Cities4Peace Initiative

Cities4Peace is an Initiative of the International Association for Human Values. Build capacity of individuals, organizations and communities with  transformative frameworks and tools that increase social connection, resilience, and bring peace across the world.

Urban Challenges due to Violence

Degradation of Public Health

An exposure to violence directly leads to drug abuse, depression, anxiety, aggression and other mental health issues thereby affecting individuals, families,  communities and cities.

Deterrent to Business and Trade

An increase in crime and violence reduces the number of active business establishments, and directly affects associated profit margins and employment opportunities.

Compromise to Livability

An increase in violence jeopardizes safety and security, affecting retention and sustainability of human and material resources. Cities that are non-inclusive and unsafe tend to have lower standards of living.

Our Goal

Enhance Mental
and Social Wellbeing of  change-makers within the city

Strengthen Social Connectedness between city officials and community

Design Peace Solutions to elevate Happiness Quotient of city residents

Way of Change

01. Engage Community Stakeholders

02. Build a Shared Vision for Community Upliftment & Transformation

03. Develop Mindful Leaders and a Sense of Ownership

04. Enable Partnerships and Innovative Solutions to Promote Peace

Our Peace Programs

Our programs create the much needed personal transformation upon which leaders from civic organizations, law enforcement agencies and community activists come together and design plans to mitigate violence and promote sustainable PEACE in their communities and neighborhoods.

SKY Mindful Leadership

Customized Leadership Training Program, taught in four consecutive sessions of two hours each and based on breathing and meditation techniques that:
  • Elevate mental clarity
  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Increase social connectedness
  • Develop greater trust

Ambassadors of Peace Program

Customized Leadership Program taught over 10 weeks to build the capacity of community leaders to promote greater mental health, healing, and resilience within themselves and their communities, neighborhoods and organizations that they serve. The content of the program are customized to the needs of the community.

    Agents of Change

    Law Enforcement

    Office of
    Public Safety

    Office of
    Public Health

    Social Justice


    Department of 

    Youth Empowerment

    Schools & Educational Institutions

    Impact of Our Programs

    George Mason University School of Conflict Analysis & Resolution undertook an independent research evaluation of our most recent program in Los Angeles. Here is a brief summary of the impact that our program had on participants:
    • Deepened understanding of and commitment towards nonviolence
    • Learned profound tool-kit of meditation techniques and wisdom for enabling transformation on a daily basis.
    • Improved leadership capacity to promote compassion and nonviolence within the community
    • Increased Energy and Happiness 82% 82%
    • Ability To Stay Focused 91% 91%
    • Enhanced Clarity of Mind 96% 96%
    • Remaining Calm in Challenging Situations 91% 91%
    • Ease of Social Connection 87% 87%
    • Increased Effectiveness in both Personal & Professional Life 84% 84%


    “We carry a heavy load when we do community intervention work ...and the breathing and meditation tools have helped to lighten that load 100%”

    In the workshop, I interacted with law enforcement in a way that I would not have done normally. This allowed me to see them as human beings.”

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    Cities4Peace is an Initiative of the International Association for Human Values