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‘Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.’ — Ralph Waldo Emerson

A customized 4-session Leadership development program to improve mental wellbeing, social connectedness and overall quality of life. The program, when done as a group, helps to improve trust, teamwork and build a shared vision with ownership towards the common goal. The program consists of profound breathing and meditation exercises, interactive discussions and group processes as well as follow up sessions to deepen the experience. 

Elevate Mental Clarity

Enhance Self-Awareness

Increase Social Connectedness

Develop Greater Trust

SKY Mindful Leadership Modules

The workshop consists of four consecutive modules of two hours each :

Module 1

Personal Empowerment | Self Care & Compassion

Participants will learn to identify and overcome personal challenges to being an effective leader and achieve a clear, and positive state of mind. During this session, participants learn:


  • The Importance of self-care and self-compassion for leaders
  • The Nature of the human mind and emotions
  • Sources of energy
  • SKY Breath & meditation techniques to reduce stress, improve health & wellbeing, enhance energy levels

Module 2

Authentic & Centered Leadership

Participants learn how to develop interpersonal skills that enable greater authenticity. This session includes:


  • Interactive processes to enhance emotional & social intelligence
  • Framework for authentic and centered leadership
  • SKY Breath & meditation techniques

Module 3

Building Trusted Relationships

Participants develop greater mutual respect & understanding, build strong relationships and enhance their skills to be involved in seamless teamwork. This session consists of:


  • Group discussions to enable mutual respect, understanding and build strong trusted relationships
  • SKY Breath & meditation techniques

Module 4

Visioning and Modeling Change

Participants create a personal plan to apply the gained knowledge in transforming themselves, their organizations and communities. During the sessions, they discuss:


  • Independence versus interdependence
  • Visioneering – establish goals and commit to action
  • SKY Breath & meditation techniques

Implementation Timeline

The program is delivered in two phases:

Phase 1 (Week 1)
SKY Mindful Leadership Training 
(Four consecutive sessions of two hours each)

Phase 2 (Week 2-4)
Refresher session held once each week to reinforce the learnings. (Two-hour session held once a week)

Benefits of SKY Meditation Workshop

Our training program effectively promotes overall wellbeing as seen in the charts below:

  • SKY Significantly Reduces PTSD
  • SKY Significantly Increases Antioxidant Production
  • SKY significantly Decreases Clinical & Non-clinical Anxiety
  • SKY significantly Reduces Cholesterol
  • SKY Enhances Immunity (lymphocyte Count)
  • Significantly Greater Mental Focus in SKY practitioners
  • Sky Significantly Decreases Cortisol Level (Stress Hormone)
  • Sky Significantly Decreases Clinical & Non-clinical depression

“Police officers have a stressful job. The SKY breathing exercises will help them de-stress and build stronger community relations”


“We carry a heavy load when we do community intervention work …and the breathing and meditation tools have helped to lighten that load 100%”

In the workshop, I interacted with law enforcement in a way that I would not have done normally. This allowed me to see them as human beings.”



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