Ambassadors of Peace Program

Ambassadors of Peace is a unique leadership development program to build the capacity of community leaders to promote improved mental health, healing, and resilience within themselves, their communities, and organizations they serve.

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Multiple Vectors Affecting Our Society

Multiple vectors including COVID-19, climate change and systemic racism have forced leaders to open our hearts and our minds to fundamental realities.  Stress and anxiety in communities are reaching unprecedented levels and threatening the mental health & wellbeing of our society.


There is an urgent need to build Leadership Capacity that empowers leaders to design solutions with greater compassion for themselves and the communities that they serve.

Improve mental health
and inner well-being

Build trusted

Design compassionate solutions
for community challenges

Develop resilience, emotional
and social intelligence


SKY Breath & Meditation practices to reduce stress, increase self awareness, resilience and creativity

Interactive discussions
to build trust and enhance interpersonal skills

Self-Reflection exercises to recalibrate the mission, vision and purpose of leaders and organizations

Enhanced Networking skills to create sustainable partnerships for scaling impact

Train the Trainer sessions to actively promote peace and uplift communal harmony


  • Civic Leaders (Mayors, Policy Makers)
  • Professionals from Public Safety, Public Health, Mental Health, Law Enforcement, Education, Fire, EMS
  • Leaders of Community Organizations
    (Foundations, Non-profits, Interfaith)
  • Social Justice activists (women empowerment, LGBTQ+, Human Rights, Gender Rights etc.)

Participants will be selected based on

  • Commitment towards social change
  • Creative problem solving skills
  • Self motivation
  • Ability to build networks


(classwork: 40 hrs; homework: 10 hrs)

    Leading with Peace

    SKY Mindful Leadership

    Week 1

    4 sessions
    2 hours

    Leading with Heart

    Deepen Healing and Transformation

    Week 2

    2 sessions
    2 hours each

    Leading with Soul

    Deepen Healing & Resilience

    Week 3

    3 consecutive sessions
    2 hours each

    Leading with Purpose

    Recaliberate Mission and Purpose

    Week 4

    3 sessions
    2 hours each

    Train the Trainer

    Build capacity to train others

    Week 5-6

    4 sessions - two per week
    2 hours each

    Peace in Action

    Social impact through Field Work

    Week 7-8

    4 sessions - two per week
    2 hours each


    Since 2019, Cities4Peace Programs have made a lasting positive impact on communities in South Central Los Angeles, Pomona & Albuquerque. Researchers from George Mason University evaluated the participants after undertaking our flagship program in Los Angeles. Results are as shown to the left.

    • Increased Energy and Happiness 82% 82%
    • Ability To Stay Focused 91% 91%
    • Enhanced Clarity of Mind 96% 96%
    • Remaining Calm in Challenging Situations 91% 91%
    • Ease of Social Connection 87% 87%
    • Increased Effectiveness in both Personal & Professional Life 84% 84%


    “We carry a heavy load when we do community intervention work ...and the breathing and meditation tools have helped to lighten that load 100%”

    In the workshop, I interacted with law enforcement in a way that I would not have done normally. This allowed me to see them as human beings.”

    Bring Peace to My City                    Download Program Brochure



    Cities4Peace is an Initiative of the International Association for Human Values