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Empowering leaders and changemakers:

Multiple vectors including COVID-19, systemic racism, and climate change are forcing all of us to open our hearts and our minds to fundamental realities. Stress and anxiety are reaching unprecedented levels and threatening the mental health and wellbeing of our society.

This is a defining moment that requires leaders to have equanimity – to be grounded and at the same time, being able to empathize and energize others through their presence and actions.

We have created a one-hour educational module that provides tools and frameworks for deeper self-reflection and recalibration of our purpose and impact in the world.

The online module consists of:


Our documentary film as a conversation catalyst


A framework for healing & building socio-emotional skills


A guided meditation to reduce stress & increase energy

Review by Nonviolence Advocates

“I enjoyed the film very much. What an important framework that you are offering of transformation and possibility for people who have been most affected by violence. I would love to explore possibilities of bringing the program in Rochester.”

“The heartwarming film opens up a healing way for the most serious problem of our age. It concerns not only this small band but, by implication, every one of us. The creators of the event and the film deserve our thanks and congratulations.”

Testimonials from Community Leaders

Capt. Jon Pinto

(Los Angeles Police Department)

Ruben Cantu

(Social Activist, Austin)

Mayor John Tecklenburg

(Charleston, South Carolina)

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